Innovation Awards

We need smart and courageous innovators for more sustainable energy in 2023 and beyond. Smarter technology, safer systems, improved energy efficiency, novel approaches to storage and transporting energy, sustainable business models, innovative networks… all of them have a contribution to make. We all know how much persistence is needed to bring an innovation forward. We want to help you a little bit and shine the light on your bright idea by launching the 2023 energy innovation award.
Who can nominate / apply?
The award nomination is open to anyone who is participating in the ENERGY 2023 conference. You can be nominated by someone else or you can apply yourself.
What are the benefits?
All nominees are receiving a lot of visibility during the conference.
The Award winners will receive visibility on social media as well as a fully supported webinar to demonstrate their innovation.

How to apply / nominate someone for the Innovation Awards

1. Fill in this survey for yourself or someone else by 13 November.
2. The application will be reviewed by the Innovation Award Jury (the organising committee of the ENERGY 2023 conference). If required a selection will be made on the basis of impact on sustainability.
3. You will be informed as soon as possible after 13 November, if you have been nominated for the award. The nominee has to be registered as a participant for the Conference by 20 November, else the nomination will not be considered. Each nominee can provide us with a video related to their innovation (this can be an existing video).
4. During the Conference the winner will be determined by the audience in combination with the SAN Supervisory Board and announced on 29 November at 18h CET.
We look forward to receiving your nomination / application.